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Express yourself in the kitchen with pot of soup in August

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Cooking means a lot of things to many different people. It can be a way to share culture, bring friends and family together for home cooked meals. Or it can be a hobby, challenging you to learn new techniques as you add to your repertoire of signature dishes. And for those who know their food is ready when the smoke alarm goes off, this is a skill that can be improved. Today we are excited to reveal our new game Soup pot as part of the showcase / twitchgaming: ID @ Xbox, giving seasoned chefs and curious cooks a fun and relaxing way to experiment in the kitchen.

Everyone eats, so it’s no surprise that food is at the heart of many games. We wanted to try something new though. You are responsible for every step, selecting ingredients, washing products, chopping vegetables, cooking rice, cooking meat, and dozens of other interactions. But don’t worry – we don’t like to do the dishes, so you don’t have to clean up when you’re done.

We took inspiration from the events of the past year and incorporated them into Soup pot. You might be alone in your kitchen, but you are preparing food for a lively audience listening to your live cooking show. They’ll cheer you on when you’re on a roll and tease you when things don’t go as planned. As you get familiar with cooking, you’ll have access to more recipes and stock your fridge and pantry with hundreds of ingredients.

You start with a single recipe for Sinigang, a sour and sour pork soup, but you’ll learn how to prepare 100 different dishes on your culinary journey. We based the first 66 of these on dishes we Chikon Club eat the most. We worked with some of the best regional chefs in the area to make sure the ingredients and recipes were authentic. However, these recipes are not strict guidelines. We really want to replicate the best part of cooking, which is experimentation. Maybe you want to stick with organic ingredients. Maybe you don’t like mushrooms. What if you decide to add a little extra salt to this sweet dessert? You won’t be kicked out of the kitchen, and you won’t be able to “finish the game” to try new things, even if they don’t work the way you intended.

We appreciate the talent and artistry that characterizes fine dining, but we bring a sense of silliness to Pot of soup, too much. The ingredients say their names when you add them to a dish, the dough creaks when you poke it, and the soundtrack contains an eclectic mix of Filipino artists – all providing culinary benchmark tunes.

Our goal is to inspire players to extend this playfulness, improvisation and experimentation into their real kitchens. Cooking is great fun and Soup pot is one of the ways we share this feeling with the world.

Soup pot arrives on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in August 2021. For more details on Soup pot follow us on Twitter!


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