Thursday, March 30, 2023

FAA approves first commercial unmanned drone flights on site

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The company earned the trust of the FAA by testing its technology for four years in eight states – last year, it flew up to 10 autonomous flights a day to capture agricultural images and other data. AR drones can only fly in rural areas of Kansas, Massachusetts and Nevada and at altitudes below 400 feet at this time. The company believes, however, that this is just the beginning and heralds “a new era of widespread automated drone operations.”

American Robotics CEO Reese Mozer said in a statement:

“With these approvals, American Robotics is ushering in a new era of widespread automated drone operations. Decades of promises and projections are finally coming to fruition. We are proud to be the first company to meet the comprehensive safety requirements of the FAA, which previously limited the viability of using drones in the commercial sector. We are very grateful for the FAA’s willingness to work closely with American Robotics over the past four years on this precedent-setting clearance. With this set of approvals, American Robotics can begin to safely operate our automated Scout Platform to benefit the energy, infrastructure, agriculture and security verticals, helping to unlock the market. commercial drones expected $ 100 billion.


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