Sunday, September 24, 2023

Facebook can’t fix what it doesn’t admit

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I told Zuckerberg that right now my newsfeed was basically … Trump, Trump, Trump, married, Trump, baby, Trump. I wondered to what extent his news feed was dominated by articles about our new president. “It’s a good amount,” he says. But he sees it as a temporary aberration. The problem for him is not just our internal situation, but “a serious world thing” where people need to be better informed – not just through the news, but from each other. While he touts the recent tools Facebook has introduced to give inaccurate or over-excited reporting lower rankings, he also admits that it’s a work in progress. “I just want to make sure that there is common ground, that everyone has the capacity to share what they want and that that nuance doesn’t get lost,” he said.

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Julie, who describes herself as “a therapist for children and families, not a lawyer, philosopher, technician or media specialist,” asks, “What should be the guidelines for users and custodians of content? How should Twitter (for example) be monitored and held accountable if content is not removed immediately? “

Hi, Julie. Thank you for asking a question that matches this week’s Plain View essay. Please also do not be a lawyer, philosopher, technician, or media expert. Nice to meet you! Simply put, a mass commercial social network would do well to set guidelines that minimize destructive content. You cannot prevent hateful or dangerous comments and posts from appearing. But what Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can do is assess how objectionable content spreads across their platforms and work backwards to make changes until the results are different. As for accountability, this process is underway. If these platforms continue to amplify the rhetoric that tears us apart or incites people to commit acts of violence, they will become more and more outcasts. We have had enough of their excuses already. And, perhaps more importantly, the people who work for them.

You can ask questions to To write ASK LEVY in the subject line.

Chronicle of the end of time

QAnon MP announced that she will be moving to impeach Joe Biden January 21. At least she admits he won!


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