Thursday, September 28, 2023

Facebook is testing sticker ads in Stories

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Facebook is offer creators more options to make money with their audience. One method he’s testing is a way to bank from Stories. Some creators will be able to insert ads that look like stickers into their stories and experience a reduction in their ad revenue. for example, creators can hook up local businesses with a sticker while traveling.

Only a small number of creators have access to this option during initial testing, but Facebook hopes to roll out this feature in the near future. It also plans to enable the feature for all short videos.

Elsewhere, Facebook offers mid-roll ads on shorter videos. So far, ads have only been present in videos that are at least three minutes long. You may start to see ads in videos that are only a minute long. Videos between one and three minutes in length may contain ads within 30 seconds. Ads may appear in longer videos after 45 seconds, instead of one minute.

Pages will only be able to serve ads on shorter videos if they meet certain requirements, such as 600,000 total viewing minutes in the previous 60 days and at least five active video uploads. Live video creators also need to have at least 60,000 minutes of live viewing in the same time frame to qualify for ads in their feeds.


Facebook is also growing paid live events to 24 other countries and start-up fan subscriptions in 10 other regions. In addition, he spends $ 7 million to promote the Stars virtual tipping currency. Like with Twitch bits, users can send them to creators. Facebook will be handing out stars during some live broadcasts. Comments that users send with stars will be displayed more prominently on feeds. You will also be able to send virtual gifts to creators.

The stars will be available in more markets, and you can check on a support site for creators if your page is eligible. Soon, Facebook will be expanding the stars beyond live broadcasts by testing them in on-demand videos. Meanwhile, Facebook has update the minimum eligibility criteria for game creators to become partners and unlock more features and monetization options.


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