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Facebook sued by FTC and states for antitrust

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US antitrust officials and coalition of states sued Facebook for allegedly violating antitrust laws, the second time in less than two months, the government has filed a monopoly action against an American tech giant.

The Federal Trade Commission and New York-led state attorneys general said they filed an antitrust complaint against Facebook on Wednesday.

The case is the culmination of an investigation that began last year and represents the largest regulatory attack on Facebook in the company’s history. If the FTC and the states are successful in proving that Facebook violated antitrust laws, a judge could order the company to wind up, including separating its main social media platform from Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Facebook case follows the October of the Ministry of Justice Alphabet’s Google complaint for would have abused its monopoly in Internet research using exclusive distribution agreements with phone manufacturers to exclude competitors from the market. Together the Google and the Facebook cases mark the largest monopoly cases filed in the United States since the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit Microsoft in 1998.

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