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Fans rally around Blaseball, America’s favorite Splort

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The game runs in a browser with a spartan interface to track team matches (one every hour), but the metagame of Discord channels, Twitter accounts, and live commentary that react to every launch and incineration has become an essential part of Blaseball live.

A Blaseball game between the Breckenridge Jazz Hands and the Chicago Firefighters in March, which unfortunately took place in a stadium full of birds.

Courtesy of The Game Band

To moderate this metagame and keep up with the ever-changing world, fans have taken on roles as ambassadors, advisers, statisticians, academics, and archivists in a network of fandom that is itself difficult to understand. , as the underlying knowledge they analyze and update. There’s a Society for Internet Blaseball Research, two active wikis, and fan fiction and art records, but a Chicago firefighter fan named “Thursday” admits a lot of developments are happening in the buzzing Discord threads with thousands. of fans, what he calls “the collective clown-to-clown headspace. Since the game’s summer release, a label has been created for Blaseball albums, Blaseball journalists have started information networks and hundreds of collectible blaseball cards have been created. If you could get all of the browser game users together, they would occupy an entire mid-sized American city, although their raw passion may extend beyond city limits.

A bit like everything in the game, BlaseballThe first list of teams was created through a mixture of chance and curation. Random locations and names were combined to create teams that designers and fans quickly connected with, with the gaps filled by locale that Blaseball Game designers needed or had a history with: Designer Joel Clark lives in Kansas City, so the Kansas City Breath Mints were created, and former Baltimorian designer Sam Rosenthal advocated for the Baltimore Crabs. Each team received a scary song and was released into the world for anyone to support.

At the start of the game, locals flocked to their respective blaseball team, especially the firefighters and crabs. “The Crabs literally have the entirety of Montgomery County on their squad, and they’re full of hyper-specific Baltimore jokes,” says Riley Hopkins, a fan of the early firefighters and Chicagoan, referring to a county on the outskirts of Baltimore. “Being able to bring that into Chicago just makes it more intimate, you know?”

The first traditions relied on this local hyper-specificity (reference to history, folklore and poster campaigns) to create fandom wikis, traditional jams and headcanons, some of which are eventually used. Blaseballgame design, such as the inclusion of fan-made playgrounds as playgrounds for teams to build and renovate. As fan communities have grown to hundreds, then thousands of non-locals, Blaseball moderation and culture have not pushed teams to become exclusive and preferential to locals, they have inspired the opposite. For firefighters, they turned to one of the rare pieces of craftsmanship gifted by designers: the song “We are from Chicago”.


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