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FBI investigates if woman stole Pelosi’s laptop to sell to Russia | Crime News

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Riley June Williams has been charged with entering a restricted-access building and driving disorderly during the U.S. Capitol Riot.

The FBI is investigating whether a pro-Trump rioter stole House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop from her office and attempted to sell it to a Russian intelligence agency, court documents show.

FBI Agent Jonathan Lund says Riley June Williams of Pennsylvania violated the Capitol along with others, says affidavit far-right rioters on Jan.6 and was seen throughout U.S. government headquarters in open source videos and news reports.

Lund said an anonymous witness claiming to be Williams’ “former romantic partner” made “several” phone calls to the FBI hotline in the days following the occupation of the Capitol.

The witness claimed that Williams was inside Pelosi’s office and took a laptop or hard drive and “intended to send the computing device to a friend in Russia, who was then considering selling the device to SVR, the Russian foreign intelligence service ”.

Lund says that in the complaint, Williams can be seen walking up the stairs to Pelosi’s office. However, “the transfer of the computing device to Russia failed for unknown reasons” and Williams “still has the computing device or destroyed it”.

A woman identified in a warrant recorded Jan. 17, 2021 by the FBI as Riley June Williams, a Pennsylvania woman accused of unlawfully raping the U.S. Capitol building and directing people to the office of the President of the United States. US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is seen in an undated driver. license photograph [FBI/Handout via Reuters]

The case is still under investigation and Williams, who is said to have fled, faces separate charges of entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct.

The complaint alleges that Williams was identified as having recently been interested in the policies of President Donald Trump and far-right bulletin boards by his mother in an ITV report. Trump was impeached a second time in his presidency for “inciting” a riot.

Additionally, Pelosi’s aide Drew Hammill said on Twitter that the stolen laptop came from the conference room and was only used for presentations, raising doubts about the relevance of its content.


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