Friday, June 2, 2023

Final FAA drone rules take effect April 21

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FAA fair set dates because when it is reinforced drone rules will take effect, and some measures will come into effect sooner than others. The regulator revealed that the rules for remote identification and operations on people will begin to take effect from April 21, 2021. From that point on, you will need to indicate the serial number of any drone or add-on. Remote ID in your registration. You can fly small drones (less than 0.55 lbs) over people if they have shielded blades, but you cannot do sustained flight over outdoor assemblies unless you you comply with Remote ID.

Other, heavier drones have more stringent operational and performance requirements, such as limits on the amount of force they would provide in the event of an accident. Category 3 drones (those that provide no more than 25 foot-pounds of energy) cannot fly over assemblies regardless of remote identification, and cannot overfly people unless they are in a restricted area and are aware of possible drone flights. Category 4 drones above this limit require certificates of airworthiness, maintenance and inspections.

There is, however, some leeway. Drone manufacturers must comply with remote identification requirements starting September 16, 2022, while all pilots will have to meet remote identification requirements (or fly within limits) one year later on September 16. 2023. These windows are six months shorter than initially planned, but allow time for drone operators and producers to adapt.

Not everyone will be happy with the final rules. Wing, Alphabet’s drone delivery company worried about privacy, noting that distributing identifiers remotely could allow people to infer sensitive data such as personal addresses. Wing was also concerned that the shows would make it difficult to establish. drone traffic control systems. Still, changes are coming – and the dates at least help everyone plan their next steps.


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