Thursday, September 21, 2023

Fitbit Charge 4 Band Can Now Show Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels

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When Fitbit launched the Charge 4 fitness band, one of the features we found most interesting was its ability to estimate the oxygen saturation levels in users’ blood through its SpO2 monitor. However, users could only see the data collected on the Fitbit mobile app as a graph showing how much their blood oxygen saturation fluctuates overnight. As 9to5Google noticed, firmware update 1.100.34 The update changes that with a new SpO2 app for the Charge 4 that displays users’ SpO2 levels on the fitness band itself.

The firmware update change log includes an entry that said “Your Fitbit device can now estimate your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) while you sleep.” In one FAQ page, the company is asking Charge 4 owners to wear their wristbands to bed and swipe up from the clock face to see their “average resting SpO2 level on the SpO2 tile.” Additionally, the company warns that it may take about an hour after they wake up before the sticker actually displays their blood oxygen saturation values.

While this is not a substitute for getting checked out by a doctor, the sensor could help healthcare professionals detect signs of conditions like sleep apnea because it can tell if users are not getting enough. oxygen while they sleep. Fitbit has equipped some devices with the SpO2 monitor since Ionic smart watch launched in 2017, but it only activated the sensor in 2020.


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