Monday, August 8, 2022

Ford vehicles will run on Android Auto from 2023

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Under the six-year partnership, Ford has named Google as its preferred cloud provider, and starting in 2023 millions of Ford and Lincoln vehicles will run Android Auto (as we saw in the Polestar 2) with Google applications, such as Assistant and Maps, integrated into the infotainment system. But don’t worry about iPhone owners, Ford will continue to support Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa features in the future.

The two companies also plan to set up a collaborative working group, dubbed Team Upshift, that will strive to “push the boundaries of modernization, unlock personalized customer experiences and generate disruptive data-driven opportunities.” For example, we will create new retail experiences for customers when purchasing a vehicle, ”said McClelland.

“There are a number of different applications, including modernizing product development, improving manufacturing and supply chain management, using computer vision, AI for employee training, inspection of equipment on the assembly line, ”Kurian explained. “We’re also working together to create new business models for data – real-time notifications to consumers on maintenance requests or trading alerts.”

Team Upshift will work with third-party app makers to develop additional driver and infotainment services for Android vehicles from Ford. “We also have the mechanism to get data from the cars,” McClelland explained. “It can also enter the analytics system in the cloud and provide capabilities – for example, helping the consumer detect when to bring their car in for service guarantees. However, McClelland clarified that no personal data collected from drivers will be made available to third-party developers.

“Once you have a platform that allows you to get data and analyze it,” he continued. “There are many very simple but transformative experiences you can offer drivers: for example, helping them when they need to schedule a service appointment with the dealership or helping them buy cars better by customizing them. shopping experiences. ”


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