Friday, June 9, 2023

Fox’s Tubi is the latest free streaming service to explore original shows

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Roku is not the only one add original shows to a free service. Bloomberg sources claim fox Pipes will pay to create original content after relying primarily on existing shows such as The masked singer. He will initially focus on movies, according to tipsters, but he would consider TV shows and may be willing to pay up to $ 4 million per episode. There was no mention of particular titles or publication windows.

Fox CFO Steve Tomsic recently acknowledged discussions about producing Tubi originals, although he didn’t mention the type of content or the exact expenses. He said, however, that the company would “profitably” explore shows and avoid productions at every level you see on subscription services.

There is definitely an incentive to start spending. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped Tubi grow by 58% in 2020, with 33 million members. While that doesn’t give Amazon or Netflix a reason to take a break, it is evident that the audience is growing. And like any streaming service, the originals would give Tubi a way to keep those viewers, instead of letting them drift off to rivals.

The challenge, of course, is the budget dictated by a free ad-supported platform. Tubi may have a big TV network behind him, but he still has to worry about making a profit with limited income. He might struggle if he can’t attract well-known stars or produce blockbusters. That said, Tubi doesn’t have to do the next one Borat or My Rainey to be successful, just add enough viewers to justify the cost of all the originals.


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