Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Frank was more direct’ – Caballero compares Chelsea under Lampard to new regime with Tuchel

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Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero has highlighted the differences between former coach Frank Lampard and current boss Thomas Tuchel, having spent part of both seasons under both coaches.

Tuchel took over from Lampard in January as the former Blues midfielder was dismissed after a season and a half.

Caballero says Tuchel has a very different take on his predecessor, a more typical take on modern gaming.

What did Caballero have to say?

“Obviously, talking about the coach, what one does well and what the other does well, is uncomfortable,” Caballero said. 90 mins, “because they are there for something. If we are to have them as coaches, it is because they are good. They convince you of the football they want to do and we are the workers, the ones who put in implement this plan.

“Without a doubt, with Frank we had a more direct feel for the game, mainly English football. Attack fast, attack on the wings, move to the middle or attack on one side and finish on the other but with a little of verticality The football he loved was very dizzying, with rapid movements of the ball, he also liked to attack and counter-attack.

“Now with Tuchel it’s more about combining, playing with the ball. We create more. He almost tells us how the game is going to develop, where the key aspects of the opponent are, their strengths and weaknesses.

“With his ideas, how he managed to get his teams playing to play well, he tells us which players we would need to be more involved in order to play brighter and follow his plan. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the idea of ​​playing [is there]. “

Tuchel’s record at Chelsea

Tuchel has reversed Chelsea’s season since arriving in January, with the Blues currently occupying fourth place in the Premier League. He has yet to lose a game since taking over, winning 10 and shooting four of his 14 games in charge.

Chelsea are also in the Champions League quarter-finals, where they face Porto, and the FA Cup semi-finals, where a clash with Manchester City looms.

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