Friday, June 9, 2023

Freddy’s great reality check for Smith’s detractors

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NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler has served critics of Cameron Smith’s skill in the game with a new reality check, reminding critics “it’s his job to go out and win games.”

Smith called the time on his 430-game career on Wednesday, ending a record 19 seasons with the Melbourne Storm where he won three Premier’s Awards and two Dally M.

A common feature of Smith’s game was his ability to direct the results in his favor seemingly at will, a trait that often found him on the wrong side of rival fan reviews.

But speaking in the wake of Storm great’s retirement, Fittler may have offered the best prostitute cunning defense on the court.

“You have to remember, we play a sport here. His job is to go out there and win soccer games – any way,” Fittler told Wide World of Sports Radio on 2GB.

“As long as it’s in the rules, and in the rules that the referees allow that day, then you can do it. He was the best at it, he was absolutely amazing.

“For a guy who is not that fast, who has very rarely been tackled – they say he’s strong when you fight him – but who has never looked so powerful on the soccer field, could manipulate the result. in its favor so often is just amazing.

“It gives hope to anyone who wants to play any type of place. You just have to figure out how to win and how to change momentum in your direction. He did everything for the Melbourne Storm, he did everything for them he didn’t do ‘I don’t care about anything other than winning for the club.’

Fittler also drew attention to the overlooked points of perfection in Smith’s game that were often lost in fan dissatisfaction with No.9’s handling of the game.

“I think people also underestimated what he could do in defense,” Fittler said. “His defense was incredible.

“He could slow it down whenever he wanted, he could speed it up, he backed up dummy halves – he was like a magician. No one really gave him much credit.

“Obviously his pass was the best we’ve ever seen, by far. He never missed his mark, never made a mistake. The ability to be able to focus for that long, then to bring so many people with you in a game. football is just amazing. “


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