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Free outfit, cash register receipt, BP and more

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PUBG Mobile Redemption codes are usually released by developers on special occasions and offer players exclusive rewards.

The game marked its third anniversary on March 21, for which a party was held. Celebrations are currently underway in the game through various events. A new set of redemption codes has been released to commemorate the occasion.

This article provides players with the latest PUBG Mobile redemption code which offers various rewards including new in-game singles, outfits, classic cashier coupons, and more.

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PUBG Mobile Usage Code for Today (March 24)

Classic cash register coupon
Classic cash register coupon

LOVEPUBGMOBILE: classic cash register coupon and 1000 BP

1000 BP
1000 BP

ALESSOPUBGM: Alesso – Going Dumb (60d)

Alesso - Go dumb (60d)
Alesso – Go dumb (60d)

GETTHEAIRDROP: classic cash register receipt

Classic cash register coupon
Classic cash register coupon

ALWAYSAND4EVER: Neon Punk Sweatshirts (Blue) (15d)

Neon Punk Sweatshirts (Blue) (15d)
Neon Punk Sweatshirts (Blue) (15d)

LUVPUBGMOBILE: Khelte JA – Asim Azar (60d)

Khelte JA - Asim Azar (60d)
Khelte JA – Asim Azar (60d)

Players should redeem these codes as soon as possible as they have a specific usage limit, after which they run out. Once expired, players will no longer be able to use them and will be faced with the following error:

“Redemption limit reached”

Redeem redemption codes in PUBG Mobile

It is simple to use redemption codes in PUBG Mobile. Players can follow the steps below:

Step 1: It is essential to point out that the redemption codes in PUBG Mobile can be redeemed from the official clearinghouse. The link has been provided below:

Website: Click here

2nd step: Then users need to enter their PUBG Mobile ID, redemption code, and verification code in the specified text field.

Step 3: After filling in all the details, press the redemption button. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to confirm the details.

Step 4: The rewards will be received soon and can be obtained in the mail section.

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Posted on March 24, 2021 at 6:19 PM IST


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