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Gary Oak returns to Pokemon anime

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One of Ash’s biggest rivals, Gary Oak, apparently returns to the Pokemon the anime as a rival can be spotted in a new Pokemon Journeys opening sequence that airs in Japan today.
Pokémon trips is the latest iteration of the long-running Pokemon anime and it sees Ash Ketchum and his companion, Goh, travel the world of Pokemon visiting classic regions like Kanto and newer regions like Galar, part of Pokemon Sword and Shield. A new opening sequence for the anime aired recently in Japan and it features a montage of the characters Ash is expected to meet in future episodes – one of those people seems to be Ash’s first rival, Gary Oak.

A tweet from Pokemon Anime Official Twitter Account seems to confirm Gary’s reappearance. When translated, it mentions “Satoshi’s childhood friend” (Satoshi being the name of Ash in Japan), and leaves open the question of his rival status.

Gary Oak in the new Pokemon Journeys intro.

Gary Oak has been introduced as Ash’s childhood friend and rival, and is the grandson of Professor Oak, who gave the two boys their debut as Pokemon trainers. Gary was one of Ash’s main competitors in the first Pokemon anime and remained one for a while. The two eventually became friends, and Gary retired from Pokémon training life to become a Pokémon researcher like his grandfather.

Gary then made an appearance in Pokemon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, but hasn’t been seen since, which is why his inclusion in the new opening sequence of Pokemon Journeys is important. Pokemon Journeys will mark the character’s first appearance in the English version of the anime since 2010.Pokemon anime was put on hold last year due to COVID-19, but it looks like new episodes of the show are on the way. In the meantime, check Pokemon: Twilight Wings, which is finally done and ready for binging, then watch this Pokemon Looney Tunes Style Shorts released by The Pokemon Company last year.

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