Tuesday, May 30, 2023

GDPR fines skyrocket as EU gets tough on data breaches

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The new European privacy regime has led to increased fines for bad actors, according to a study released today. Law office FOR Piper says that since January 28, 2020, the EU has issued around 158.5 million euros (around $ 192 million) in financial sanctions. This is an increase of 39% from the previous 20 month period Piper reviewed in her report, released this time last year. In addition to the increase in fines, the number of violation notifications increased by 19% over the same 12-month period.

Italy, Germany and France are the three countries most willing to sanction companies and have collectively billed companies 192.8 million euros ($ 234 million) since the GDPR went into effect. The biggest fine, however, remains the $ 57 million that France has imposed on Google for violating data transparency rules. Other successful fines, including $ 123 million penalty for the Marriott data breach, has been reduced to just $ 25 million.


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