Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Get an (Official) Mountain Dew Giant Body Pillow, Because You Deserve It

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Why seek human comfort when you could have a giant Mountain Dew body pillow instead? That’s right, Mountain Dew takes their marketing to a comfortable new level with a gigantic body pillow inspired by the sugary, fuel-rich soda. Do you need it? Should you have one anyway? Absolutely.

The body pillow is officially licensed and is meant to be perfectly designed after an actual bottle of the drink. Make the dew without the drink itself, as there is no hard limit to the obsession and technically it is one of the unofficial but official things. Drinks of choice for gamers™.

The Dew Body Pillow is a larger-than-life replica of a Mountain Dew bottle, perfect for those cold winter nights when all you need is the comfort of your Mountain Dew to give you those warm and warm feelings. blurry, ”says a press release official on Mountain Dew’s last memories.

Real conversation? I would rock that. My husband might want to assassinate me, but it would look pretty chic next to my Garrus pillow because who needs self-respect when you have comfort like that?

The official Mountain Dew shop will offer the new pillow in March, although an exact date has yet to be given. Either way, when it does, we’ll always know that our plush Mountain Dew pillow is here to transport us through these trying times.

[Source: Mountain Dew via]


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