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Golf icon Tiger Woods is hungry to return after Los Angeles car crash left him with serious leg injuries in hospital

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Tiger Woods, golfing legend under siege vowed to do all he can to get back to the game professionally following his devastating car accident, according to a report.

The hectic life of the 15-time grand champion has taken a different turn when he veered through two lanes of road, hit a sidewalk and plowed a tree this week, his car rolling on one side.

But despite serious leg injuries and major surgery, Woods is said to be determined to forge another phenomenal comeback.

Tiger Woods is ‘grateful’ after his accident

“It can’t end like this,” Woods told his relatives, according to

Woods was visited by his girlfriend Erica Herman, agent Mark Steinberg and caddy Joe LaCava at a medical center in Los Angeles.

And the American icon has since moved from UCLA Medical Center to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, which is also in Los Angeles, according to CBS News.

“He doesn’t want his career to end like this,” an insider reportedly told

“So if there is a way he can continue playing golf, he will.”

Tiger Woods reacts after major car crash

The report added that Woods was “frustrated” after anticipating that 2021 would be his “comeback” year after a fifth back surgery in December.

“It’s a massive setback and he knows it’s a massive setback,” the source told

“But he has overcome the obstacles of the past and thinks he can do it again.”

Woods destroyed her marriage, lost key sponsorship backers, and spent 45 days in a clinic treating sex addiction after the news broke out of extramarital affairs.

But he ignored the enormous weight of that burden when he returned for the 2010 Masters, before claiming the tournament’s first victory of his return to the 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Woods went on to achieve one of the biggest comebacks in sports history when he fought back after a fourth back surgery, in which his spine was fused, to win the 2019 Masters.

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