Monday, July 15, 2024

Google brings more context to top search news

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Since 2018, provided in-depth overviews of key topics and ongoing stories through a feature . It includes the top and local news headlines, as well as background such as explainers, interviews, and in-depth reporting on topics such as COVID-19 and the US election. Google is now by adding full coverage to the search.

It builds on the news results already displayed in the search. You can get to the Full Coverage page for that topic (if there is one) by scrolling to the end of the most popular articles or by tapping the “More News on …” link under the carousel .

With the exception of local headlines, the full coverage includes the same mix of stories and information for everyone, rather than personalizing them. Google says it has upgraded its technology to identify major stories and events that unfold over multiple days, such as the Super Bowl, and those that last much longer, such as the pandemic.

Full coverage in the search will initially be available on mobile devices in the United States for people who use Google in English. The company plans to expand the functionality to more languages ​​and regions in the coming months.


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