Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Google is testing an Android TV-like YouTube Chromecast “ app ”

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Google may be working on a new version of YouTube for Android that significantly improves the Chromecast experience, 9to5Google reported. Currently, casting to a TV connected to Chromecast using the YouTube app is a minimalist experience, with your TV showing only the basic details such as channel name, number of views, date and time. hour. However, with the new pseudo-app, streaming YouTube is more akin to using Android TV.

The new player appeared on some Android YouTube Reddit users, with a remote control appearing in the app. This launches a player on your Chromecast-powered TV that lets you change settings like resolution, subtitles, and subtitles, and even use granular controls like “stats for nerds,” according to 9to5Google.

At the end of a video, instead of just seeing the usual “ready to watch” image, you’ll see a home screen with “What to watch next” suggestions, much like Android TV. Reddit user garethonreddit captured a screen indicating that the app appears to be an HTML5 based web experience. Another user noted that the new interface appears to come with more ads, however.

If the new app rolls out widely, the richer YouTube experience onscreen would certainly give Chromecast owners more value for their money – although many wouldn’t trade that for more ads. It would be nice to see similar improvements in other Chromecast-enabled apps that offer a more Android TV-like experience like Google’s. latest Chromecast devices.


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