Sunday, August 14, 2022

Google opens its facilities to serve as vaccination sites

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Google has also pledged $ 150 million to promote education and vaccine distribution, including $ 100 million in advertising grants and $ 50 million in partnership with health agencies. As part of that, it will add state and region specific vaccine information to its research pages, listing sites in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas over the coming weeks. “We’ll include details like if an appointment or referral is needed, if access is limited to specific groups, or if there is drive-thru,” added Pichai. Other states and countries will appear later.

Google noted that early data shows people of color and people in rural communities have less access to vaccines than other groups. To this end, it has also committed $ 5 million to “organizations dealing with racial and geographic disparities in COVID-19 vaccinations,” Pichai said.

Another tech giant, Amazon, has opened a ephemeral clinic in Seattle in the hope of vaccinating 2,000 people. In a letter to Biden’s new administration, he also pledged his facilities to inoculate his 800,000 employees – but no other members of the public (to date he has yet to receive a response). Microsoft has also said it will open an empty building on its campus for vaccinations.


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