Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Google: rethinking search would hurt the internet

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Earlier today, attorneys general from 38 states and territories filed antitrust charges on Google search activity. The search giant has now responded to these claims. In a post on his Keyword blog, Google argues that its search engine evolved in response to user feedback, not a desire to disadvantage competitors. “Our rigorous testing tells us that you much prefer these types of rich results,” the company writes of its current design, which includes direct links to businesses (and other Google services). It also points to a competitor, arguing that Bing’s design suggests Microsoft has garnered similar feedback from its users.

However, at the heart of the company’s argument is that a fundamental overhaul of its search engine would do the internet more harm than good, and in turn disadvantage the countless small and medium-sized businesses that have come to depend on it. of the company for discoverability. “Redesigning Google search in this way would hurt the quality of your search results,” the company says. “And that would come at the expense of businesses like retailers, restaurants, repair shops, airlines and hotels whose listings on Google help them be discovered and connect directly with customers.”


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