Monday, January 30, 2023

HBO Max to air ‘Batman: the Animated Series’ in January

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Before Warner Bros. full slate of 2021 movies making its way to HBO Max throughout 2021, the streaming service is a treat for Batman fans. As spotted by Gizmodo, the platform will start broadcasting Batman: The Animated Series and Batman beyond starting on January 1st.

Both do not need to be introduced. The animated series is considered one of the best Batman adaptations never created. From an animation standpoint, it was also a technical marvel at the time. Meanwhile, Batman beyond, after some initial skepticism from fans, it became a cult classic, exploring themes the comics hadn’t covered much. If these want more from you, HBO Max is also adding a number of Batman animated films, as well as Batman begins – although Christopher Nolan would probably prefer you not to watch his movie on the streaming service.


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