Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Historical strategy game delayed until August

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Last year, it was announced that Humankind, the long-awaited historic strategy game from Amplitude Studios and Sega, was go out in april. However, with less than a month to go before that scheduled release date, the studio has announced the project it calls its good work out now in August.

The title puts you in control as you rewrite history, bringing the culture, science and values ​​of society from ancient times to the modern era. Players are tasked with guiding their people through the ages, facing historical events, and charting their course for humanity. Humanity adds fame as a condition of victory, giving players good reason to want to make their mark on the world.

This latest delay follows several OpenDev sessions where community members could play large parts of the game, featuring four eras and 40 different cultures. “It was exciting to see the community get their hands on the game during the last OpenDev sessions, and to hear all the positive (and constructive!) Feedback,” said Romain de Waubert de Genlis, Creative Director and Head of studio in a press release. . “Gamers have always been at the heart of Amplitude’s philosophy and the release of Humankind in August will give us extra time to continue working with the community and fine-tuning the game for an incredible day one experience.”

The studio says the delay will allow the team to improve on various elements. In announcing the delay, the team specifically mentions the desire to improve accessibility, integration, pacing, balancing, diplomacy and AI during the additional months of the pre-development cycle. launch. To thank players for their patience, Amplitude is giving all pre-buyers special Lucy and Edgar Allen Poe avatar sets from Humankind to allow players to further customize their game bosses.

Humankind is out now for PC on August 17 in Steam and the Epic Games Store.


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