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Hitman 3 Review – IGN

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Agent 47’s unique mark of slow-paced stealth across an assortment of dense, deadly, and deeply varied murder playgrounds has reached a magnificent crescendo in Hitman 3. While not straying from the killer chord combination developer IO Interactive designed to 2016 hitman – and continued to use in 2018 Hitman 2 – it’s perfectly clear here that the studio has indeed got their act under control.With some of the series’ most surprising and imaginative levels so far, Hitman 3 may seem largely familiar to its two more recent predecessors, but just thinking of the hours and hours of chaos, carnage and cruel comedy that each of its six outstanding new cards will produce makes me dizzying.This latest chapter in IO’s “ World of Assassination ” trilogy that began with Hitman in 2016 might be better seen as an expansion than a sequel. If you’ve bounced back from Hitman before – especially over the past five years – know that there hasn’t been a big reinvention of the bald guy plan in Hitman 3. The interface and controls have remained consistent in their design. Rigidity and the range of uses of your weapons and objects are also not radically different. Hitman 3’s most notable new toy is a camera that can be used to hack or examine switches and items, which is handy but isn’t much of a game-changer.

Hitman 3’s six beautiful and remarkably well-lit levels are some of the most powerful in the series, so much so that it’s hard to pick a standout favorite.

The true strength of Hitman 3 therefore lies in its maps. The six beautiful and remarkably well-lit levels of Hitman 3 are among the strongest of the series, so much so that it is difficult to choose an out of the ordinary favorite. Things start off surprisingly enough, with 47 paratroopers on the world’s tallest building in Dubai and infiltrating its opulent interior, but that high bar is maintained throughout. The follow-up mission is a nod and nod to the Beldingford Mansion map from Contracts and takes 47 to an equally massive British mansion where a fun and ironic way to kill your target is to impersonate for a detective who is there to solve a murder on the property. . From there, it’s off to a massive German rave for a mission that gives off an atmosphere and puts an interesting twist on the hunt for your five targets among the crowd of sweaty revelers, 24 hours a day, and then to Chongqing, China. , where the neon glow the lights, the reflections in the soggy streets and the trickle of rain on 47’s jacket combine for perhaps the most visually impressive mission in the series so far. The next stop is an Argentinian vineyard which reminded me of Blood Money’s excellent A Vintage Year card, but much larger; so the finale is a fabulous surprise unlike any Hitman mission to date, and I sincerely hope you don’t get it spoiled.

It’s hard to talk about these places in too much detail without spoiling the thrill of walking through them and revealing massive new areas that you had no idea existed, but these environments truly are some of the most memorable maps and most remarkable ever created by IO – from an intimidating verticality on display as it perched outside the world’s tallest skyscraper to the rustic charm of Thornbridge Manor. I’m also reluctant to reveal the bizarre assassination opportunities they contain, but I will say that Hitman 3 contains both the funniest and most complex Hitman murder I’ve ever played – and at least the one of the most despicable – and there are still many. I have not done it yet. Yes, a lot of the kills are mellow remixes of the ones that came before, but they’re still cleverly constructed.

A wolf among the sheep

As always, the slow thrill of these games comes from the planning, patience, and concealment in plain sight. The key to success is finding the perfect disguise for exploring, listening, and finding opportunities, and having the right timing to pull off the perfect crime and escape unseen. It’s a shameless single-player experience that rewards rational thinking about rushing, though it’s flexible enough to cater for both extremes: those who prefer to follow the multi-level mini-stories unfolding in the levels to hit the ball. surgical operations invisible and disappear without a trace, and those who like to improvise and leave behind piles of dead and unconscious men in their underwear piled up like cordwood.You can get away with it all because the often hilariously naive AI is still so easy to exploit. Of course, fooling silly guards and civilians with unexpected distractions and suspicious objects has become a fundamental part of the current Hitman trilogy puzzle-solving, and I’ve actually grown to love these stupid bastards over the years. years. These people won’t even blink at a stern-faced stranger who wears the clothes of a man they had a conversation with very recently and, while it sometimes robs stealth wins of credibility, that kind of suspension of ‘incredulity. is simply necessary for Hitman to work. As grim as the vicarious murder premise may seem on the surface, this is still a cheekily self-aware series that relishes a general degree of gallantry silliness and humor.

As grim as the vicarious murder premise may seem on the surface, this is still a cheekily self-aware series that relishes a general degree of gallantry silliness and humor.

These grand levels are linked together by the conclusion of the fuzzy story arc that began in 2016. While this battered story of competing ghost organizations is unlikely to sprint Netflix’s power brokers towards the nearest checkbook, good to have it packed after five years. – even if it was not essential to my enjoyment of the levels themselves. Now at least we can move on to something that is hopefully a little different.

The biggest hits

The biggest advantage of the lack of revolutionary changes in Hitman 3 is that owners of Hitman and Hitman 2 can carry over their levels and progress to Hitman 3. There’s a certain neatness to making the trilogy a unique product that I really love, and I admire IO’s commitment to keeping content from previous games alive like this.

On Xbox Series X, this is generally transparent; As the owner of the previous two Hitman games on Xbox One, Hitman 3 has been automatically augmented with all previous maps, although the progress carryover feature was not working for me at the time of review. The situation on PC is somewhat hampered by Steam’s move to the Epic Games Store, although IO Interactive has said that an import feature will be available within a few weeks.

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It also turned out to be a bit unruly on PlayStation 5. Despite installing the previous two games, Hitman 3 directs me to other downloads to allow access – none of which are available at the time of review.

Lack of native support for PSVR on PS5 also meant that I had to download and install the PS4 version of Hitman 3 alongside the PS5 version, which is a bit of a hassle – but it’s really on Sony rather than IO. On the other hand, IO is providing a free digital copy of the PS4 version to anyone who buys the PS5 version so that no one misses.

When you turn it on, Hitman in VR is worth it if you own a PSVR, but really only to experience its general madness firsthand. You have to play around with the DualShock 4 because the Move controllers just don’t have enough buttons and while it can usually handle melee attacks, the shooting experience is really quite heavy, imprecise, and irritating as a result. The end result is a system that gets stuck halfway between full motion controls and traditional controls – which I have found routinely bending the brain and occasionally beating the stomach. It is undeniable that access to all levels of Hitman and Hitman 2 in VR East incredible value – and it’s a feeling of newness like you’re really inside these levels – but it’s janky, primitive and really not the best way to play.


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