Sunday, October 2, 2022

Horror short ‘Animal Crossing’ to be made into feature film

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A six minute horror film called Don’t take a look is the latest short film about things that move at night to be made into a feature film. What distinguishes this from the likes of and does this partly play out in .

It’s a scary short film that hits all the right rhythms. The actions that the unnamed main character performs in the game also occur in their bedroom. This mirroring becomes much more sinister when a monster appears in their Animal crossing to house. Director Julian Terry directed the short with a small crew during his forties and posted it to YouTube. It was also shown at SXSW Online this week.

As Deadline reports, Wanted to director Timur Bekmambetov (who also produced Screenlife movies such as Without friend and ) took the short. It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will be on board for the film or whether production will have to use a different game.

Don’t take a look isn’t the only scary movie that takes place in ACNH. Earlier this year, writer and comedian Jenn Welch perfectly the classic viral video “Too Many Cooks” in the game.


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