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How to beat the Elder – Valheim wiki guide

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How to invoke the elder

The Elder is Valheim’s second boss and can be found in the Black Forest biome. As with Eikthyr, you will need to find a ceremonial site and offer a sacrifice to summon the Guardian of the Black Forest.

Step one: explore the burial chambers

While you can naturally explore and find The Elder Summon Site, there is an easy way to mark its location on your map. This requires exploring the various burial chambers scattered throughout the Black Forest.

If you need help locating burial chambers, check out our guide below.

In some of the burial chambers, you will amend a runestone that records the location of the Elder on your map. Press ‘E’ on this runestone when you find one and check your map for the updated location.

Step two: visit the elders ceremony site

Once you’ve discovered the location, head to The Elder site by navigating to the icon on your map.


You will come to a site with four large columns and a burning fire in the center. On one side is a runestone with the information needed to summon the Ancient One.

The message on the runestone reads “BURN THEIR YOUNG”

So you know that you will have to hunt something else and burn it to awaken the Ancient One. If you look around the ceremony site, you will notice oddly shaped objects at the top of the four columns. This is a reference to the item you will need to collect: Ancient Seeds.

Third step: obtain three old seeds

The next step is to collect the old seeds. These can be found by destroying the Greydwarf nests scattered across the Black Forest biomes. You will need a total of three Ancient Seeds to summon the Ancient One.

They are small, tree-like objects that give off purple smoke. The easiest way to destroy them is to run and hack it with your weapon, or shoot arrows to her from afar. You can take the Elder Runestone’s clue and burn it with your torch or fire arrows, as well as.

Each Greydwarf Nest is guaranteed to drop an Ancient Seed. You can also get them as rare drops by defeating a Brute Greydwarf or a Greydwarf Shaman.

Step 4: Prepare for Battle

Before taking on The Elder, make sure you have your best gear. This boss is significantly more difficult than Eikthyr. Bring friends to help you out, if possible.

Ideally you will want a full set of Troll Leather Armor or bronze Armor, as well as powerful melee weapons or an improved bow. It is also recommended to bring (a group of fire Arrows, like The Elder is made entirely of wood and does not like fire. Don’t forget to eat too! If you have access to meads, it’s wise to bring minor stamina potions as well, as you’ll be doing a lot of running and shooting arrows.

Check out our gear guides below for recipes needed to craft the best gear possible for this encounter:

It’s also a good idea to create a set of portals to easily return to the arena and collect your abandoned gear if you don’t succeed. Alternatively, you can build a house (with a bed) in the forest somewhere nearby to set your new spawn point on death.

Fifth step: burn the old seeds

Once you’ve acquired three Ancient Seeds, return to the Ceremony Site on your map.

Approach the fire in the center and add your ancient seeds to your shortcut bar. Throw them into the fire by selecting the location you placed them in. Run to a safe place as the Ancient One will appear shortly after.

How to beat the old

Valheim’s second boss is no joke, so be prepared for a tough fight. For starters, The Elder is a giant tree and far more intimidating than Eikthyr.

It uses a mixture of the two melee and ranged attacks, so you’ll have to constantly be on your toes to get out alive. Up close, The Elder can stomp and strike you with great force. While you can block some of these attacks, staying close to your feet for long periods of time is generally not recommended.

No matter how far you fight, The Elder will also summon vicious roots from the ground that will strike and attack you if you get too close. These roots are fairly easy to remove, but they are just as easy to avoid altogether, as they will eventually disappear.

If you’re feeling brave, you can run and slice off The Elder’s legs as he summons the roots to attack. Don’t stay in there too long!

Finally, the most devastating attack the Ancient One has is a ranged attack that involves throwing a series of sharp roots at you. These can go surprisingly far and punch through just about anything. So hiding behind a tree or a rock won’t do you much good here, unfortunately.

If you get caught in the sharp roots, The Elder will lure you into the air and undermine much of your health. It is best to avoid this attack entirely by running to the side or avoiding rolling to the side.

Fortunately, The Elder does a good job of telegraphing his movements, and the faster you can identify each attack, the better prepared you’ll be in the long run.

The best defense you have with this arena are the four pillars located at each corner. These are indestructible and provide much-needed protection against the devastating attack of The Elder’s ranged spike roots.

Always keep one of these pillars between you and The Elder, and when it lashes out to attack, just hide behind the pillar to avoid taking damage. If you’re quick enough, you can get arrows after the ranged attack animation is over.

Keep moving around the arena as the Ancient One approaches you. A good time to switch to another pillar is when it summons the soil roots as this animation takes a while and gives you time to get to safety.

The key to this fight is to keep the Ancient One at a medium distance, avoiding (or eliminating) his summoned roots and staying clear of his root-to-spike attack. Keep a regular fire barrage arrows on The Elder, as the fire will damage his health over time and keep his health bar slowly draining as you navigate the arena.

Also beware of gray dwarves or other enemies roaming the arena during this fight. They can take damage from The Elder’s attacks, but it’s best to take them out yourself as quickly as possible to avoid any unwanted attacks.

Once you’ve reduced its health to about halfway, the arena will turn green. At this point, a Greydwarf Shaman will enter the arena and begin healing the Ancient One.

Find this gray dwarf shaman and eliminate him as quickly as possible. Beware of its poison spray attack which will cause you damage over time. It can also heal itself, so it’s best to get rid of it quickly.

Stay alert, keep shooting arrows to reduce his health, and you will eventually eliminate The Elder.

When he dies, he leaves behind his head a trophy as well as a Swamp Key you will need to access the crypts submerged in the Swamp biome.

Don’t forget to hang the Elder’s trophy on the Altars of the Forsaken! Activating the dropped power of the old one allows you to chop wood faster.


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