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How to complete Jingle’s tasks – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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Part 1 – Making festive wrapping paper

To get started, head to the Resident Services plaza and talk to Jingle, the black nosed reindeer. He’s as happy as he can get, but as he will explain, he forgot his wrapping paper! Luckily, he’ll give you a DIY recipe for festive wrapping paper and ask you to make three.

Festive wrapping paper requires 1 red ornament, 1 blue ornament, and 1 Gold Ornament. Since Jingle wants you to do three, that means you’ll need three of each color!

You can get ornaments from the decorated spruce tree Trees on your island. Shake even a single spruce top Tree will actually give you an endless amount of ornaments, but although they don’t drop an ornament every time, decorated spruce top Trees will never drop wasp nests!

Spruce Trees usually grow in the upper areas of your island. If you have just started the game, you will need to use a Ladder to reach these areas. If you can’t do this, you can try asking another player if they’d be willing to provide a Ladder, or let you visit their island if they have ramps to where they grow.

Once you have three of each color, head over to a craft workbench and make all three wrapping papers. In return, Jingle will give you some Toy day Low.

If you want Jingle’s pic, this next step is Very important! Hang it up Toy day Stockings somewhere in your house and leave them there overnight (this will require you to have a house; you cannot hang items on the walls of the tent you start the game in). The next day, interact with the stockings and you will get the picture of Jingle!


Part 2 – Deliver gifts

Since the wrapping paper task has been such a success, Jingle will now ask you to help him deliver gifts to residents of your island and give you a magic bag. The Magic Bag will be with you until 5am, when Jingle also leaves the island. Until then, you will have to offer a gift to each resident of your island, where Jingle will give you a reward!

The magic bag is counted as a tool: you will need to hold it when speaking to a resident so that you can give them a gift. Some villager will be so grateful, they will give you their own Toy Day gift! These will be the same toys that were available in Nook’s Cranny during the holiday season, but they may not be the same colors as Nook’s!

If you need to check your progress, select the Magic Bag in your inventory then select “Look inside”: you will be informed of the number of gifts you have left in the bag to be delivered.

If a resident is currently doing something, such as fishing, you will have to wait until they stop doing it before you can give them a gift.

Once you’ve delivered gifts to the eight residents, return to Jingle and tell him “I’m done!”. He’ll take the magic bag away from you (aww), but he’ll give you a gift in return: a DIY recipe for a stack of gifts and a toy day sled (which you can sit on!)

And that’s it, you saved Toy Day!

Stack of gifts

The stack of gifts requires 3 red wrapping paper, 1 wooden toy, and 1 cardboard box to craft. Two of these are the ones you might not be able to get right away. Red wrapping paper can be found at Nook’s Cranny, but they only offer two colors at a time, and the cardboard box is something you can only get in Nook’s Cranny, Balloons, or the recycling box in Resident Services the day after a villager moves to your island.

Fortunately, the wooden toy can be made with 3 softwoods.

Photo by Jingle

As a reminder, you’ll want to set up the Toy Day stockings you got from Jingle as a reward for helping him with the wrapping paper. Leave them in your house overnight, then the next day interact with the stockings and you’ll get Jingle’s pic!


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