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How to fix “Unable to connect to authentication service” error in League of Legends

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Each patch update in League of Legends comes with its own brand of bugs and exploits that make MOBA difficult to use.

After the last update 11.1, there is an error code that has ruined many matches for players around the world.

The error code “Unable to connect to authentication service” appeared a lot, and it crashed the game with the client for many League of Legends players.

As the error message may appear during champion selection, on the login screen or in the middle of the game; it is not possible to determine the exact cause of the problem.

However, the problem has simple solutions, and this guide aims to expand on those that can help. League of Legends players affected by this bug.

Fixed ‘Unable to connect to authentication service’ error in League of Legends

Image from Reddit
Image from Reddit

# 1 – Checking server status

League of Legends players facing this issue should first check the server status of their particular region, as the issue may be on Riot’s part.

By fair by clicking on this link, players will be able to see whether the server they are playing on is currently facing downtime or not.

# 2 – update the firewall

Errors such as “unable to connect to authentication service” can often be caused by Windows Firewall. If players find that the League of Legends server in their respective regions is functioning properly, it is likely that the issue is caused by the firewall settings, which are blocking your internet access.

Troubleshooting the error and then updating Windows Firewall may do the trick.

# 3 – reinstall the game

If both of the above options don’t work, reinstalling the game may be an option to consider.

The patch 11.1 update may have corrupted some game files, which can be easily fixed by repairing the files or reinstalling League of Legends from scratch.

# 4 – Contact customer support

Riot customer support is well known for giving quick answers and offering a solution as early as possible.

By simply filing a complaint about their official site, League of Legends players affected by the bug can get a permanent fix when all else fails.

Posted on 07 Jan 2021 18:02 GMT


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