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How to increase storage space in your home – Animal Crossing: New Horizons wiki guide

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This page is part of the IGNs Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about increasing your home’s storage space.

Tired of running out of space in your home storage? We’ve got you covered in our in-depth guide to increasing your storage space with just a few simple steps below.

How to increase storage space in your home

Despite increasing your house’s storage after each new house upgrade, it’s easy to see how many players managed to maximize their storage limit of 1,600 items, especially taking into account all the elements of Newly introduced event that has been released since the game’s launch.

Fortunately, Nintendo has finally released an update that will allow players to increase their home storage space to a new maximum total of 2,400 items – which is 800 more spaces over the previous limit of 1,600 items.

You are probably wondering how to increase the storage space in your home? Well, to upgrade to the new 2400 item limit you will need to have your house fully upgraded – that means you will need to have built three rooms off of your main entrance, as well as an upstairs room and a downstairs room. -sol – and repaid your mortgage in full.

Once you have met these requirements, you will now be able to unlock additional storage space by speaking with Tom nook in Resident Services, but beware, it is not cheap! Upgrading to the new home storage will cost you a total of 500,000 bells.

When speaking with Tom Nook, ask to talk about your house and select the option “Increase my storage space”. In doing so, Tom nook will increase your home’s storage space to 2,400 items.

For more on the latest update, check out our breakdown of the all-new Winter update here.


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