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How to stay entertained while travelling

Many of us look forward to going on vacation each year, whether it’s an exotic beach destination, some winter sun, or even just a trip to the nearest coastline. And while we’re lucky to have so many choices so close to home, from the Mountains and Ski slopes of the Mid West, to the beaches of the West Coast and the open roads of the South; this inevitably means one thing – we spend a lot of time travelling. During that time, finding sources of entertainment for long journeys can be a challenge, in which statistics suggest that the average American spends 10% of their overall travel budget on recreation/amusement while travelling. Running out of ideas? Check out the below ideas for how to stay entertained while travelling.

1. Rent the latest movie
Whether you’re travelling by plane, car or public transport, there is now a range of quality portable devices available that you can watch movies on without having to break the bank. If you’re able to stay connected to Wi-Fi throughout your journey, then streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime are all good options for finding the latest blockbusters.

Many long-haul planes also have in-seat viewing options with a range of the latest movies available. However, if you’re on a journey without this, be sure to download a couple of options on the likes of ITunes or Amazon before you travel to ensure you still have access to entertainment while you’re off the grid.

2. Check out some online games
The great thing about travelling in this day and age is that there is a whole host of technology available to us to keep us connected and entertained, even in the most remote of places. While some of us grew up balancing a piece of paper on the back of the car seat to play noughts and crosses, today’s travellers have access to a whole host of apps and gaming websites or portable gaming devices.

One of the best options is online slots, players can now access some of the very best titles from their phone or tablet while travelling. Technological developments mean that online casino providers have really upped their game, so you can now find the very best graphics and immersive experiences in their games.

3. Travel board games
Nothing beats playing a classic board game sometimes and many of the traditional games are now available in travel editions. Love a game of scrabble? Try Bananagram; a more compact version of the game that comes in a sleek banana pouch that’s easy to take to restaurants, on a train or even on a plane, until you have to put the table back up to let someone out…

Another classic favourite that’s available as a travel game is Monopoly. Monopoly Grab and Go comes in a small handy case, with a mini plastic board, mini cards and mini properties. This game is perfect for those longer journeys where you’ve got a few hours to kill.

4. Learn a new language
Why not stay productive while travelling and get in some prep for when you arrive at your destination? The benefits of learning a new language are endless, from enhancing cognitive abilities, to widening your social circle, enhancing career prospects, deepening your connection with other cultures, boosting your confidence and even enabling better decision making.

Apps such as Duolingo are perfect for when you’re on the go, with features that enable you to track your progress against a friend, join score boards and social communities to practice your skills and even download the content to use offline – perfect for if you have a flight without Wi-Fi on board.

5. Listen to a podcast
Getting bored of the radio? Why not try listening to a couple of podcasts? With a whole host of options available, from podcast stories for children, to self-help series for adults; there’s also a whole range of benefits too. Unlike audiobooks where you have to sit and listen to one voice, podcasts usually feature a few voices discussing a particular topic that can widen your perspective and outlook on life, enable you to learn something new or even provide some time to de-stress.

6. Sleep
It probably wasn’t an option you were expecting but travelling can be tiring on both the mind and body, even when you’re sat still for hours on end. In addition, you’ll be thanking yourself when you arrive at your destination well rested. There are a number of health benefits from getting more sleep, including improved mental ability and regulated emotions.

So there you have 6 ways to make travelling feel less like a chore and more like the beginning of your vacation.


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