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How to use nectar and ambrosia – Hades wiki guide

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Hades is not your usual roguelite, and all of its progression elements are a testament to that. Building relationships both inside and outside of the House of Hades is one of the most important, and there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the most out of it.

This guide focuses on how to use Nectar and Ambrosia in Hades, items that can be given to characters as gifts.

How to get nectar and ambrosia

Both of these items are something of a rarity in the underworld, historically described as prohibited drinks. Everyone loves them, which makes them the perfect gift to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. This will unlock different things, such as memories, as well as new narrative events and side stories.

The nectar can be obtained during the races most of the time. You’ll often see them as rewards before entering a room, represented as that orange flask that looks like a potion. You just need to choose this path, knock down all the nuances and catch it as a reward. Sometimes they will be rewarded with certain perks, along with other bonuses for your current run the next time you pick up another bottle. Finally, you can also exchange items for him (5x Chthonic Keys) in the living room of the house.

Ambrosia is a bit more complicated. It will show up as a limited item in the trader from time to time, so always check for it. But, it’s usually given as a reward for beating bosses. Fortunately, by the time you are able to use Ambrosia, you will have more than a few ready to be gifted, but keep that in mind for future races – increase the heat in the Punishment Pact to renew them. Your gun rewards will guarantee you more than this item.

How to offer nectar and ambrosia

Once you get your hands on Nectar in Hades, whenever you approach a key character (whether it be NPCs from the underworld, people from the House of Hades, or God Boons) you will see the ‘prompt from the regular dialog button, as well as a new prompt for the drink icon. By pressing first will not skip the dialogue so it is always better to do this.

If this is your first time, there’s a good chance Zagreus will get a new memory in return. This will increase your relationship with said character, marked as a heart. If you check the index, it will show you how many hearts you have obtained with the character so far.


In order to continue to deepen this relationship, sometimes you will need to talk to them multiple times (which will show up in the description below inside their index), but if it indicates that you need to deepen your relationship with them, that means that they will want Nectar.

Once you reach a certain point with a certain number of characters, they will start taking Ambrosia instead of Nectar. A good rule of thumb is to always have one of each before you start interacting with characters. If you see the icon, then you can further your relationship with them.


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