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How to use the gas trap to capture mimicry in Firebase Z – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Wiki guide

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This page is part of IGN’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Wiki and details everything you need to know about using the Essence Trap to successfully capture all three Mimics in the game. Firebase Z Easter Egg.

From learning how to catch mimics in the Essence Trap to finding the three special mimics that only spawn in certain areas, we’ve got you covered in our full Firebase Z guide below.

How to correctly capture mimics in Firebase Z

After placing all the items on the air conditioner, go to Mission control and talk with Dr Peck and watch as a cutscene unfolds.Once Dr Peck stopped dancing, head to the Data center and look for the Rocky defense region. From there, interact with the Memory transfer station and take a Gas trap of the machine.Acting as a tactic, you can deploy the Essence Trap at any time, however, the trap will only capture the essence of a Mimic – which is done by double-tapping reload – if it is on the trap and that he has little health.

It is important to note that not all facial expressions will work with the trap, as only Mimics generated by purple objects will eventually work. We also suggest that you look for Mimics in the following areas: Motor Pool, Colonel’s Office, Peck’s Quarters and Planning Offices. Please also keep in mind that these special Mimics will only appear once per turn.

If you capture an incorrect mimic or its health is not low enough, the essence trap will break and you will need to pick up another one.Once you’ve captured a Mimic, head back to the Memory Transfer Station and insert the Gas Trap on the right side of the machine. If you managed to collect the correct mimic, you will receive a confirmation from Officer Weaver.Repeat this step a total of three times until you have successfully captured and stored all three Mimic Essences. When storing the third mimic essence, the memory transfer station will eject a Floppy disk that you can collect.


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