Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How Twitter will transition presidential accounts after inauguration day

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Several accounts in Camp Biden will then support these usernames. Twitter will convert @ Transition46 to @WhiteHouse, @PresElectBiden to @POTUS and so on. A username that will not transition is @SecondLady. Instead, Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff will use an account called @SecondGentleman. Twitter will archive @SecondLady as @ SecondLady45, and the current handle will not be used at this time.

Unlike the 2017 transition, the new versions of these institutional handles will not automatically hook up to its existing subscribers. If you follow any of these accounts, or those in Camp Biden that will be converted, you will see alerts and prompts regarding the change, as well as the ability to follow new releases.

Live broadcasts of the inauguration ceremony will be available via Twitter US Elections Hub, as well as the @JCCIC and @BidenInaugural accounts. The hub will include lists, times, and account recommendations to follow.


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