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Hu Tao from Genshin Impact is there. We tried some Gacha, and here’s what happened

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Hu Tao is finally available in the new Genshin impact banner, allowing players to spend Wishes or Primogems to try their luck and try adding one to their party. Yes it is a gacha style system, but players can save money over time to spend their primogems and wish to get the characters they want. The problem is, there are probably a lot of characters that you would like to have.

In this regard, while Hu Tao looks incredibly cool, she’s almost certainly a “primogem sink” because if you’ve played Genshin so far, you probably already have a high-level, high-powered Xiangling on your team. , which fulfills the exact same pyro polearm combination. Sure, Hu Tao can deal massive burst damage and also has an adorable ghost companion, but is she really worth throwing away your hard-earned change?

Well, I thought so. I mean, she has a ghost. Seriously. Oh, she also has a unique “flicker” effect on her dashboard so that will probably come in handy during fights, I’d like to turn it into my own personal invincibility frame Dark Souls roll. Anyway, so I decided to create my wish bank that I’ve been saving for a while (Sorry Xiao, I never had the time to make wishes …) and to try my luck. What happened? You can check it out in the video below!

Not only can Hu Tao achieve a delicate risk / reward balance by trading health points for potency, but she also has damage-over-time and group-building abilities. Hu Tao can regain a significant amount of health after consuming it for power by using his ghostly companion, the Blazing Spirit. If you can tank your hit points below a certain threshold, the skill is even more effective, encouraging the Hu Tao to really flirt between life and death in order to achieve maximum efficiency. It’s thematically pretty awesome, given Hu Tao’s position as Liyue’s funeral director.

Did you shoot a Hu Tao? Are you going to try? Do you have awesome five star characters? I’m a little sad that I splurged here because I just know that an awesome Dendro character is coming and I’m going to regret that I didn’t save a big stack. Let us know in the comments!


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