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ICYMI: We’re testing the awesome but risky ThinkPad X1 Fold

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It also doesn’t help that at $ 2,600 the Fold is expensive – and the $ 230 companion keyboard and $ 100 pen are sold separately. Cherlynn liked the leather cover, the comfortable keyboard, and the bright and colorful 2K OLED display. But there were problems on the software side: Microsoft is struggling to adapt Windows for touchscreen-only operation, and the App Store still lacks options. Cherlynn also experienced some issues when switching between modes. While this is a remarkable achievement, she said the X1 Fold is best left to early adopters.

Kris Naudus / Engadget

Gaming keyboards can be popular with non-gamers for their sturdy construction and mechanical keys, although they are generally louder and larger than the rest. Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile the challenge: it’s a smaller, compact mechanical keyboard that skips the extras like media buttons, macro keys or a volume wheel. Shorter than the standard K60, the Low Profile keyboard uses Cherry MX Speed ​​keys that feel smoother and quieter than those on other Corsair decks.

Personalization can be done using Corsair’s iQUE software, which has many built-in presets that allow you to cut or change the colors under the keys, among other things. The keys are more pleasant to listen to and to type, which makes the Low Profile a better option for those who work up close. In testing, Kris Naudus found the keys to have a firm bounce and a short actuation point, the latter unfortunately allowing the space bar to be accidentally hit. Nonetheless, she says the K60 range is an ideal mix of professional quality and gaming features.

Anova precision furnace


Anova precision furnace was announced in 2017 but only became available for purchase this year. Combined with convection-steam oven with temperature and humidity controls, the precision oven can bake in dry or wet heat, which means it can bake, sous vide (without the bag), fry in the oven. ‘air and more. Nicole Lee said the precision oven allowed her to cook the kind of food she had only dreamed of, from juicy chicken to soft bagels.

One thing to note about the precision oven is that it large: The device measures 22.4 x 17.7 x 14.1 inches, and because of that, it took up a lot of space on Nicole’s kitchen counter. However, she said the spacious interior allowed her to fit a 7.25 quart Dutch oven inside. The Precision Oven also comes at a hefty price tag at $ 600 – however, similar ovens usually only found in designer kitchens or restaurants can cost several thousand dollars. Nicole admits that there are other drawbacks as well: the precision oven has a bit of a learning curve and is not very easy to clean. Despite this, she felt that serious cooks should strongly consider adding the device to their home.

Grade GT220

Billy Steele / Engadget

Billy Steele had high expectations for the GT220 headphones based on previous Grado offers. He loved the feeling of lightness and comfort and the immersive and airy sound of the open back GW100 helmet. The GT220s stay true to Grado’s high standards of audio performance, and like the GW100s, the company has chosen to keep the design of these headphones simple and understated. Grado’s first true wireless headphones, they are some of the best headphones Billy has tested. The onboard controls are easy to learn, and the battery life topped Grado’s estimate of six hours (Billy had eight).

However, there are tradeoffs. The headphones don’t have active noise cancellation and there is no companion app, which means no customization. But Billy found the sound quality so exceptional that he didn’t think any adjustments would be necessary. He even got to experience new aspects of old favorite tracks thanks to the incredible sound of the buds. They provided remarkable clarity with a depth and range that kept the music from sounding too compressed. Billy said those who value simplicity should be happy with the GT220s.

Artiphon’s Orba is a single instrument for audio DIY enthusiasts

Artiphon orba

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

Orba of Atriphon is a tiny MIDI MDE synthesizer, looper, and controller that Terrence O’Brien says is shaped like a petrified orange half. The unusual musical device is played by pressing the touch sensitive buttons on the top, or by shaking, twisting, tilting or slapping it. It is designed to be easy to learn so that the musically curious can try it out without a problem. At just $ 99, the Orba is a versatile instrument with a low barrier to entry that can also be expanded by connecting it to a DAW or software synthesizer.

Terrence said the Orba had excellent build quality, including a powerful speaker, and was more portable than Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator or the Push. However, the selection of sounds on the Orba is a bit more limited and the app lacks some features (song mode is still under construction and there are connectivity issues). In testing, Terrence found it responsive and satisfying to hold, making it a good option for casual music makers.


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