Tuesday, November 28, 2023

iFixit completely separates the PS5

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Before Playstation 5 even shipped, Sony has released its own detailed teardown video, revealing never-before-seen details like the fan that draws air in from both sides and the internal SSD expansion slot. Now the The folks at iFixit attacked him with their usual enthusiasm, pulling out the various planks fully to take a look at it from a third-party perspective, and even running it through the x-ray machine for good measure.

There aren’t really any secrets hidden in this plastic case, and nothing that will. help you find one for sale at retail price, but they noted that (just like the Xbox Series X) machines with an optical drive are secured so that users won’t be able to replace the drive themselves. They also took a closer look at the foam-covered sleeve that keeps the CPU’s liquid metal thermal solution from splashing out. They did not note any possible source of the coil whine that some owners complained about at launch, but did notice a sticker covering one of the screws. At least a few people who have heard fan noise in their system disassembled to find a loose sticker inside, so if you are following their guide in the hopes of calming your system down, this is something to watch out for.


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