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Indian Supreme Court Suspends Implementation of New Farm Laws | Agriculture News

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Superior court suspends implementation of three new laws and says it will form a committee to hear farmers’ grievances.

India’s Supreme Court has suspended the implementation of three new farm laws that farmers fiercely oppose, which have been staging a large protest on the outskirts of India’s capital for more than a month.

The tribunal will form a committee to hear farmers’ grievances against the laws, Chief Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde said at a hearing Tuesday.

“We remain three farm laws until further notice,” said Bobde.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had ruled out repealing the laws despite widespread protests from farmers and other labor groups across the country.

Modi’s government says the laws are aimed at modernizing an outdated farming system, which suffers from colossal waste and supply chain bottlenecks.

But farm leaders say the laws are an attempt to erode a long-standing minimum support price for their crops and will allow a few companies to control the country’s vast agricultural sector.

Despite freezing cold, thousands of farmers have camped on the outskirts of New Delhi since late November. At least eight rounds of talks between the government and farmers’ groups have failed to break the deadlock.

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