Thursday, March 30, 2023

Jared Maxwell named boss of NRL referees

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Jared Maxwell has refereed more than 275 appearances at the game’s highest level, but his next appointment could be the most difficult task of his career.

He will step into the role of chief referee, overseeing both field officials and the still controversial bunker.

“Jared was a leading umpire for over a decade, then moved on to become a second-level umpire coach, before being appointed bunker manager last year and becoming a member of the officials’ nomination committee. match, ”said Graham Annesley of the NRL.

“Jared knows our referees well and the referees know Jared well. He understands the game and its clubs, but most of all he has innovative ideas to improve the way our match officials prepare for a game.”

Maxwell replaces Bernard Sutton in the role, following the recent end of Sutton’s often controversial two-year tenure.

Earlier this year, the NRL has created an arbitrator nomination committee of seven, apparently in response to criticism that Sutton had the power to nominate his brother, Gerard, to big matches.

“It is an honor to be appointed to such an important role. Our match officials did a remarkable job last year adapting to the new rules and I look forward to taking it to the next level this season. 2021, “Maxwell said.

“We all want to see a fast and fun rugby league and I will work closely with all officials to ensure that the players have every chance to make it happen.”

Earlier this month, the NRL announced a host of rule changes for the 2021 season, including two-point field goals, and the extension of the rule of six again for 10-meter infractions, while the sole field referee, which was reintroduced this year , will be used again next season.

Sutton’s reign also included the controversial 2019 grand finale, which saw referee Ben Cummins involved in the controversial appeal six times that changed the course of the game.

When Peter V’landys took over as ARLC chair, he called it arbitration issues in the NRL. the biggest obstacle facing the game.


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