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Jeep’s Wagoneer lineup is packed with tech and touchscreens

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Jeep Wagoner is return and big in every sense of the word, including the amount of tech found inside. The beloved big luxury SUV brand (which surely inspired the Simpsons “Canyonero“) has multiple touch screens, supports Apple and Android entertainment systems, and even supports video streaming through Amazon’s Fire TV.

The Grandpa Grand Wagoneer contains no less than four touch screens to fill this enormous dashboard. This includes a 12.3-inch digital dashboard, as well as a 12-inch infotainment system. The latter uses the latest version of the Chrysler / Jeep Uconnect 5, and also supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Sitting directly below is a 10.3-inch comfort screen that lets you control the temperature and the seats. (On the regular Wagoneer, you get smaller 10.3- and 10.1-inch screens for the digital dashboard and infotainment display, respectively.)


These are for the driver only – the front passenger has their own 10.3-inch touchscreen (optional) that allows them to watch movies, monitor the vehicle and more. Rear passengers receive a pair of matching 10.1-inch screens, also optional. These three screens allow passengers to control navigation and media, monitor external cameras and play your own content via Android Auto / Apple CarPlay or Uconnect.

As we have detailed Last week, you can also stream videos using Amazon’s Fire TV for Auto with Alexa, giving passengers access to Amazon’s library of Prime Video shows. You’ll also be able to play games, use apps, and access Alexa on the go through Fire TV for Auto.

The rest of the interior is luxury as you would expect in such an SUV, fitted with what Jeep calls an “American premium” design (the word “American” appears no less than 32 times in the Wagoneer. Press release). You are pampered with wood, aluminum and leather throughout and the Grand Wagoneer has 24-way power seats, with lumbar support and memory adjustments. The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer offer 94.2 and 116.7 cubic feet of storage space, respectively. The price starts at just under $ 60,000, but to get all the tech bells and whistles you’ll pay up to $ 105,995 for the Grand Wagoneer Series III.


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