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Jennifer Brady defeats Donna Vekic, reveals life of hard COVID lockdown

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American Jennifer Brady qualifies for the quarterfinals of the Australian Open after beating Croatia’s world No.33 Donna Vekic.

The 22-seeded American played four consecutive matches today without losing a single set, defeat Vekic 6-1 7-5.

Today’s victory for 25-year-old Brady means she is now the last surviving member of the women’s draw who was forced to undergo a strict quarantine before the tournament.

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Brady was one of 72 players who had to go through a hard lockdown – two weeks stuck in a hotel room, banned from leaving for any reason – after a flight to Australia in January because a passenger on their flight tested positive for COVID-19 on arrival.

Discuss his approach to the hard quarantine period after several other stars spoke out againstBrady said she read a number of reviews on Google as she wondered if she could get through the tough 14 days.

“Honestly, before I even came to Australia, I was Google searching people’s experiences with hard locking – just to see what it looked like,” she told Nine during her field interview.

“I was joking with someone else, which I shouldn’t have been joking about, but honestly, I didn’t think I could.

Brady later revealed that Tennis Australia had fitted her with a treadmill to make her life easier, but admitted she had no complaints as there are “much worse things going on that are happening in the world “.

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“A lot of people were complaining and I thought I wasn’t going to complain,” she says.

“I mean, there’s much worse things going on in the world than being stuck in a hotel room for 14 days.

“Tennis Australia provided us with a bike. The last few days I had a treadmill. I had weights. I was able to train and train. It was a small hotel room, but I was able to do whatever I had to do to stay as fit as possible.

“If I started feeling bad about myself or complaining, I think it would have made the 14 days a lot harder than it was. There were a few of us who were pretty positive and tried every day to be like, okay, only five more days and, yeah, we got out. “

– with AP

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