Monday, June 5, 2023

JJ Watt speaks out on Peloton’s profile change, says he doesn’t own a bike

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Someone is pedaling the JJ Watt rumors.

The free agent defensive end set the internet on fire with just one tweet last week, reactivate a years old meme that sent Browns, Bills and other NFL fans into an absolute frenzy.

Before Watt announced his signing with the Arizona Cardinals, a Platoon profile that was supposed to be Watt was recently updated and has fans in their mouths for any hint of Watt news once again. .

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The Peloton profile has been updated to read “SB … GB..CLE..BUF.” Dissecting it, it seems obvious: Super Bowl 56, Green Bay, Cleveland, Buffalo, three teams that are rumored to be in Watt’s service.

Watt rang the bell, saying he doesn’t own a bike, leading to some ambiguity in the Tweet, with Watt family member TJ Watt also intervening.

Those listed teams include two of the three teams that were said to have been ahead of Watt’s services by NFL insider John Clayton last week: Clayton reported that the Titans were also on the 31-year-old card rusher.

If you’ve lived under a rock, Peloton bikes are the latest fitness craze with high-tech displays and personal trainers that pump you up as you pedal. (What happened to good old Jazzercise or Tae Bo?)

If nothing else, Watt is clearly using the bike to stay in shape.


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