Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Kia presents the EV6, the first vehicle based on its new electric platform

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Kia gave us a dark look to its next electric vehicle, the EV6, which is the manufacturer’s first model based on the E-GMP Platform. The company released some teaser photos of the model, and as Autoblog notes, they show the silhouette of a four-door crossover with curved lines and stylized LED lights. Kia first teased the EV6 in January, when it revealed its plans to ship seven electric vehicles by 2027 and when it officially ditched “Motors” in its name as part of its efforts to become a company that creates “sustainable mobility options”.


The automaker shares the E-GMP platform with its co-owner, the Hyundai Motor Group. Until now, all of their EVs have been adapters of existing platforms, but the E-GMP will allow them to build their own electric models from scratch. Vehicles built on the E-GMP will be able to charge at 400V or 800V. They will have a range of around 500 kilometers (310 miles) and will be able to recharge “80 percent in just 18 minutes” with the option to add 100 km (62 miles) of range within five minutes of plugging in. , they will have a two-way charging capability, which will allow them to draw power from the grid or drain energy from their batteries to the grid during peak hours. Hyundai recently launched Ioniq 5 is also based on the E-GMP and, along with the EV6, is one of the 23 upcoming models that will be built on top of the platform.

In addition to teasing the EV6, Kia also revealed its new naming scheme for electric vehicles. In the future, all of the manufacturer’s fully electric models will begin with the prefix “EV” followed by a number corresponding to the car’s position in the lineup. Autoblog says Kia will launch the EV6 on March 15, so you won’t have to wait that long to see what the car actually looks like.

Kia teases EV6, its first dedicated electric vehicle



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