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Kim Jong Un Says US Is North Korea’s “Biggest Enemy” | Kim Jong Un News

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The North Korean leader says that no matter who is in power in the United States, the true nature of American policy towards Pyongyang never changes.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said the United States is his nation’s “greatest enemy” of nuclear power, state media reported on Saturday.

“Our foreign political activities should be focused and reoriented on controlling the United States, our greatest enemy and main obstacle to our innovative development,” Kim said Friday, according to a KCNA report on his remarks.

“No matter who is in power in the United States, the true nature of the United States and its fundamental policies towards North Korea never change,” Kim said, pledging to expand her ties with “Independent anti-imperialist forces” and calling for expanded nuclear capabilities. .

The statement came less than two weeks before Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president and after a tumultuous relationship between Kim and outgoing Donald Trump.

There was no immediate comment from the US State Department. A spokesperson for the Biden campaign declined to comment.

Kim and Trump first engaged in a war of words and mutual threats, before an extraordinary diplomatic bromance that featured headline summits and declarations of love from the US president.

Despite the three unprecedented meetings, no substantial progress was made as the process stalled after a meeting in Hanoi broke out on sanctions relief and what North Korea would be willing to drop in return.

New five-year plan

Pyongyang has invested huge amounts of resources in developing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, which it has said it needs to defend against a possible US invasion.

Programs have made rapid progress under Kim, including by far his most powerful nuclear explosion to date and missiles capable of reaching the entire United States, at the cost of increasingly severe international sanctions.

North Korea has completed its plans for a nuclear-powered submarine, Kim said – which would shift the strategic balance.

“New research planning for a nuclear powered submarine has been completed and is to enter the final review process,” Kim told Congress.

The country should “advance nuclear technology” and develop light nuclear warheads of small size “to be applied differently depending on the targeted subjects,” he added.

The comments came in Kim’s nine-hour work report at the meeting, spread over three days, which KCNA was reporting in detail for the first time.

Besides the United States and defense policy, Kim also spoke at length about the proposals for a new five-year economic plan to be announced at Congress, which he said would continue to focus on building an independent economy. .

“The seeds and basic themes of the new five-year economic development plan are still self-reliance and self-sufficiency,” he said.

The plans include building energy-efficient steel plants, significantly increasing the production of chemicals to make the industry self-sufficient, generating electricity and securing more coal mines, Kim said.

North Korea faces growing crises caused by international sanctions for its nuclear program, as well as self-imposed lockdowns to prevent a coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking to South Korea, Kim slammed Seoul for offering cooperation in “non-core” areas such as coronavirus aid and tourism, and said South Korea should stop buying weapons and conduct military exercises with the United States.

The remarks came a day after Kim explored ways to renew inter-Korean ties and vowed to expand diplomatic ties in remarks to Congress.


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