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Latest coronavirus: Most populous US states report near-record daily Covid-19 counts

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Peter Wells

Several of the most populous states in the United States have reported daily counts near record highs or among the highest in months.

The latest figures came as California, the most populous US state, revealed earlier today a record number of daily deaths and after the United States as a whole reported more than 3,000 coronavirus deaths on Wednesday in one day for the first time.

Texas has reported 244 more deaths. That was down from 273 deaths on Wednesday which marked the largest single-day tally since mid-August.

The state, which ranks second in the United States in terms of population – as well as coronavirus cases and deaths – also reported 12,211 new Covid-19 infections, which is slightly above its seven-day average according to data from the Ministry of Health. Authorities also revealed 335 more older cases that were not added to the daily toll.

Florida attributed 135 more deaths to the coronavirus, up from 89 on Wednesday. This was the largest daily tally of deaths since the 144 reported on October 15, and excluding October 22 where 162 deaths were reported over a two-day period.

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The third most populous state has also reported 11,335 more cases of the coronavirus, the largest increase in one day since late July, including times when several days of data were delivered in one fell swoop.

New York, the fourth most populous state, has reported 92 more deaths. That was down from 92 on Wednesday, which was the most in a single day since the end of May.

Hospitalizations in the state reached 5,164, the first time to more than 5,000 – and the most – since May 21. Cases in the state have increased by 10,178.

Pennsylvania has attributed 248 deaths to the coronavirus, the largest daily tally since May 14. Cases in the fifth most populous state increased by 11,972, a daily tally just behind the 12,884 infections last Saturday.

Illinois has reported 196 more deaths. This is the third-largest daily tally on record and compared to a high of 238 on December 2, according to health department data. The sixth-largest state in terms of population counted 11,101 more cases on Thursday, the highest number since December 1.


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