Saturday, December 9, 2023

LG Display reveals 42-inch OLED TVs are coming soon

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LG Display, which builds the panels for LG’s OLED TVs, has revealed that it will build a 42-inch screen for an OLED TV that will be released this year. This will perhaps provide a cheaper option for OLED buyers, and could also be an attractive option for gamers, given the popularity of LGs. 48-inch OLED gaming TV.

The company also revealed that it will build a new 83-inch OLED panel, which could feature in future LG OLED TVs and Sony Bravia 2021 OLED Series. Finally, it ships a 77-inch panel brighter than previous models, as well as other new models offering increased brightness with a brand new “OLED evo”, according to the Korean. Yonhap. This is a key feature, as OLED TVs have a reputation for lower brightness levels than LEDs.


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