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Lil Nas X ignites Fortnite x GTA 5 debate on Twitter: here’s what happened

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A recent debate erupted on Twitter between Fortnite and GTA fans after a tweet from popular rapper Lil Nas X went viral.

Lil Nas X’s post mentioned that GTA should do virtual concerts online. This is something Fortnite has done several times in the past. Epic Games has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry as part of their collaborations with live concerts on Fortnite.

The drama erupted when fans on Twitter began to compare the two popular video games.

While both camps have biased notions about their favorite games, there’s no denying that Epic Games is ahead of other publishers with their artist collaborations in Fortnite.

Many comments on the rapper’s post mentioned how much better GTA was without these virtual gigs, while others pointed out why Fortnite was doing them better.

The debate took shape as part of a full-blown fan camp battle between Fortnite players and GTA players.

Lil Nas X ignites Fortnite vs GTA debate based on artist collaborations and concerts

Popular rapper Lil Nas X is quite influential in the online video game community.

Her Twitter post did not refer to Fortnite but was simply directed at GTA hosting virtual concerts, which was enough to lead to the speech online.

GTA fans backed up Lil Nas X’s post by claiming that the game can support gigs online with its expansive open-world design. Likewise, other GTA fans have criticized the concept of live gigs in the game, as it could turn the video game into an advertisement.

Tony Awards co-producer Cliff Bleszinski responded to Lil Nas X’s post with a subtle remark:

“what and go full Fortnite?”

This sarcastic remark was aimed at Epic Games for turning Fortnite into an advertisement.

Meanwhile, Fortnite fans have flocked to Lil Nas’ post at respond with statistics on live concerts already organized. Twitter user @its_meneib mentioned that Fortnite is the best choice for hosting online concerts featuring popular artists.

Twitter user @smirkyoyps took it a step further and claimed that “the Lil Nas x Roblox gig was nothing compared to the Travis Scott Fortnite gig. “

In 2020, Fortnite hosted Travis Scott at the Astronomical Live Event in Chapter 2 of Season 2. The concert was nothing short of a blockbuster, and he broke Twitch audience records.

Epic Games also announced in an official post that approximately 12.3 million concurrent users were active during the Travis Scott Astronomical Event.

The astronomical event set the benchmark for all future Fortnite live gigs. Epic Games followed him by collaborating with other popular artists like BTS, Diplo, J Balvin, Kaskade and others.

There is no doubt that Fortnite is way ahead of other video games when it comes to hosting live gigs. Only time will tell if GTA can reach the same heights in 2021 with the artist collaborations and online virtual concerts like Fortnite has done.

Posted on 04 Apr 2021 at 06:26 PM EST


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