Thursday, June 1, 2023

MacBook Pro 2021 May Bring MagSafe Connector Back

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The biggest change, however, could be the return to MagSafe instead of USB-C charging. The latter allowed for third-party chargers to be used and charging from either side, but if you tripped or forgot to disconnect a cable, it could damage your laptop. The return of MagSafe would stop this and also allow faster charging. Plus, it was a feature that was loved by many MacBook users.

Apple is also looking for brighter, more contrasting screens, according to Gurman. Kuo believes the laptop will get a substantial overhaul with square edges on the top and bottom halves. This would fit in better with the design language of the 2020 iPhone 12 series and recent iPad Pro models.

If the changes are specific (always a big ‘if’ with Apple) and assuming it doesn’t change anything until the new laptops are released, the updates would mark a big shift in philosophy from current models. It would also undo much of what Apple has brought to the MacBook Pro over the past five years.


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