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Madden NFL 21 franchise update adds smarter processor draft logic and more commissioner tools

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After Madden NFL 21 made minimal franchise mode updates at launch, the community has knocked on the studio’s digital door, demanding more meaningful updates to the popular mode. The studio promised to “fix the franchise” as his community requested, with the first update last November. This initial update added things like customization of X-Factor and Superstar abilities, revamped player card stats, more balanced progression, and an easier way to preview the playoff image. . The next update continues on the path to the franchise ship turnaround by improving processor draft logic and adding more commissioner tools.

With this update, CPU teams will be taking more factors into consideration when deciding whether to draft a quarterback. Various new logic checks hope to make the preliminary results more authentic, as CPU teams are currently drafting shifts unrealistically. The CPU now takes into account their current QB’s stats and age, as well as their recent draft history (it will be much less likely for a team to write first-round QBs in back-to-back drafts). If the logical checks are met – for example, if the current starting QB is rated at 94 or higher, or if the current backup QB has the Star development trait or better and is less than 28 years old – the processor this team will de-prioritize quarterbacks. in this project. Likewise, if the team’s current starting QB is over 35, the team is more likely to draft a replacement. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a team to snatch multiple QBs in successive drafts, but that will be less likely and more realistic now.

Franchise League Commissioners will have more tools and customization options available to them after this update. Stewards will now be able to revoke free agent signings during the offseason, toggle individual team settings for things like the Heat Seeker tackle, Ball Hawk and Switch assist to level the playing field, and assign autopilot to accelerate the choice of GMs who move away from the live project. Stewards can also implement house rules like limiting the number of times a game can be called into a game, or how long a player must wait before calling the same game again. Finally, the marshal can choose who is able to modify the X-Factor abilities of the players.

Madden NFL 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

We don’t know exactly when this update will be available yet, but an additional final franchise update coming in February will add additional processor logic, as well as a way to create your league’s history book. . The latest update in February begins with some much-requested updates to the processor logic surrounding trades.

Following this update, when you initiate a trade with a CPU team, the logic for evaluating the new player and the draft will determine the outcome of the offer. While the team recognizes that this is not a “silver bullet” to logic, and will continue to evolve over time, it is a step in the right direction. In addition to solving some of the main feats that have allowed players to build great teams by manipulating existing business logic, EA Tiburon is also establishing new basic scales to ensure that AI accurately weighs players’ value and draft picks. The dev team says they’ll dig deeper into the business logic in the upcoming Deep Dive video.

Madden NFL 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

Additionally, a new tile in the menu will allow players to see the Super Bowl and winners of each franchise league year. You can easily see how many times a team has won the Super Bowl during the franchise, as well as MVP, Coach of the Year, Offensive / Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive / Defensive Rookie of the Year. and the Super Bowl MVP awards for each year of the franchise league. Unfortunately, this tool will only start tracking this information after the update is live, so it will not retroactively present the winners for the years you played in franchise prior to the update.

Madden NFL 21 launched in August on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and in December on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. For our review of the last-gen version, head over to here. For an overview of all the new features brought by the next generation version of Madden NFL 21, here.


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