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Main and dynamic sale (2021): workout headphones, noise canceling headphones and more

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New York-based, avant-garde business Master & Dynamics makes headphones that make audiophiles drool. Its audio products have a distinctive mid-20th century retro vibe and sound even better than they sound. Unfortunately, headphones are often billed accordingly.

But this week, the company is having a Family and Friends sale. Until April 19, you can benefit from a 25% discount on the entire site with the code BFF25. The sale excludes its latest noise-canceling pair, the MW08, as well as any gift cards, gift wrap or monograms. But that includes a lot of audio products that we have tried and loved over the years. If you are looking for a spring upgrade to your work from home setup or need a suspicious moment Mothers day gift, we have several recommendations below.

And if those stylish, expensive cans cost even more than you’d like to spend, we’ve got you covered. Discover our choices for Best wireless headset, the Best wireless workout headphones, and the Best cheap headphones.

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Master & Dynamic MW07 GB

Photography: Master & Dynamic

WIRED audio reviewer Parker Hall and I tried out these wonderful wireless workout headphones (9/10, recommend WIRED). I recently deleted them from our roundup of training buds in favor of some newer options, but they’re still compact, attractive and incredibly comfortable, with the fantastic sound Master & Dynamic are known for.

The low profile also means they don’t bounce out of your ear during long runs. The headphones don’t have active noise cancellation, but their perfect fit results in fairly effective passive noise cancellation. If you do need for noise cancellation, the MW07 More are slightly larger and bulkier, but they have some of the best noise canceling features Hall has ever tried on wireless headphones.

Master & Dynamic MW65 ANC

Photography: Master & Dynamic


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